Settling In

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been here for almost 2 weeks already! I don’t think the whole ‘living in the Netherlands’ thing has sunk in yet… it still feels like I’m living someone else’s life temporarily. But I’m sure reality will hit once school gets going 😉

My classes started today, so I’ve been trying to make the most of this week-and-a-bit of free time. I’ve spent time getting to know my roommates – they’ve already taken me to church, shown me where to buy groceries, and taken me on a bike ride to a forest nearby. I’ve explored Utrecht, and done important things like opening a Dutch bank account and buying a bike. I also took a day trip to the town of Dordrecht, the oldest city in Holland (I’ll write a separate blog post about that soon).

The Dom Toren is the highest church tower in the Netherlands, and one of Utrecht’s main attractions
The Beerschoten forest

I expected the transition to living in the Netherlands to be harder than it has been, and am so happy to say that I’m doing well. Besides my phone being locked and one of my courses being cancelled on short notice, there haven’t been any major problems… unless you call being a clumsy biker by Dutch standards a problem (which it really is when cycling on the streets of Utrecht). I feel at home with my roommates, Utrecht is beautiful, and I’m excited for the year ahead.

If anyone has any recommendations of places I should go to in the Netherlands, please let me know!

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  1. Hello Moira, so happy to hear that you have settled in and found your most Dutch possession: a bicycle! May you keep exploring so that we can see more of the world through your eyes… and may you shine Jesus Light wherever you go. Be blessed! Greetings from beautiful BC – where Misa and I will be going to the Chilliwack Sunflower Festival this pm – and may this year be a memorable one. Happy cycling/exploring and… studying! xx

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